Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Tulsa State Fair

 I'm not a fair person.  In years past I've avoided mentioning it to the kids, for fear they'll want to go, and I was successful until now.  Jack asked to go and pointed out that they had coupons from the library to get in for free, so I agreed to take them.

 Instead of using their coupons, we went as part of Oklahoma's Largest Classroom, so we were able to get there early and avoid some of the crowds.  We were actually the first ones in and the kids were able to start the fun right away without waiting in any lines!  All the stuff in the first building was free!

 They loved the giant sandbox!

 This dairy truck was really funny.  A lady was controlling it from upstairs and would drive it around and talk to people--and you couldn't tell at first how the truck could "see" things about you.  It was actually really entertaining to see people react to it.

 Next we went to see some of the animals.

 This little sheep was only five hours old!

 Alice loved seeing the sheep take the bottle.

 Then we watched a dog get surgery!  When they were prepping the dog, there were lots of people watching.

 When they started cutting, most of the crowd dispersed!

 I'm pretty sure I was grimacing through the whole thing!

 Baby chicks hatching!

 We had some fair food!

 The kids enjoyed watching the trick dogs.

 They also did a few rides.  They both did the fun house together.


 They played a game and won a stuffed frog.

They had a blast, and I really had a good time, too.  I'm even willing to try it again next year!

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