Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Kiddie Park (Finally!)

 When we were in Bartlesville back in May, we had hoped to go to the Kiddie Park, but we got rained out.  With everything else going on this summer, we didn't make it back until the last night of the season!

 I love this picture.

 They didn't have this tractor ride last year.  The kids decided I should ride, too.

 I wish I had someone take my picture on this thing, because this doesn't give you a good idea of what it was like.  Another mom and I were sitting on these little stools with no sides or back or any kind of straps or anything to hold on to, so when they started the tractor we were bouncing all over.  It was hysterical.  And terrifying.  In several spots we went over little bridges that were the exact same width as the tractor tires and there was just a drop off on the edges of the bridge.  It was quite a ride!

 Cotton candy!

 One more ride on the roller coaster!  It was so crowded that we didn't even make it through our whole strip of tickets!  We spent a lot of our time waiting in lines, but we still had a good time.

 The last train ride of the night!

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