Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Little Green Thumbs

 This summer the kids took part in a kids' gardening class at our local teaching gardens.  In July, the theme was Art in the Gardens.  Alice made this picture of the koi pond.

 We always have to look for frogs when we go there!

 They also had all the kids come up with a logo for the class.

 The August class was centered around harvesting and the kids got to pick different things in the gardens.

 They also announced the winner of the logo contest, which was Jack!  (This is showing how Alice colored her tool box, which was printed with Jack's design.  All the kids got a box to take home!)

 Jack didn't get to take his tool box home that day because it was on display at the Mini Maker Faire, which we had already planned to visit after class.

 It was so neat to see his tool box there!

 They had a display showing how the boxes were made.

 The kids also entered the garden photo contest last week.

They entered some great shots!

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