Saturday, September 17, 2016

4H Achievement Banquet

 Thursday night was the annual 4H Achievement Banquet.  Jack has worked really hard in his first year of 4H.  He participated in Share the Fun, Bright Nights, the Fashion Revue, the Food Showdown, the Pet & Critter Show, and camp, along with lots of other events.

 He compiled all of the things he did over the year in his record book and he earned a gold medal.

 After they gave out the medals, they gave special awards.

 He won the Outstanding Junior Agriculture and Natural Sciences Award.  I love that my friend Rachel was the one presenting this because she really encouraged us to go ahead and do the record book after I spent the first half of the year saying we weren't going to.
 All of the kids from our club who earned medals!

 Special award winners from our club--thanks to another mom for sharing this with me because somehow I never took a picture of this!

I'm so proud of this boy and all the great work he's done.  He's already planning for this year!

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