Thursday, June 23, 2016


 On the last day of school, the kids started a gardening class.  They'll meet once a month over the summer (except for June when we have zoo camp).

 Last time they learned about soil.

 They even got to eat dirt and worms!

 They planted marigolds and some seeds, too.

 Almost a month later, Jack's plant looks like it's going to have some new buds soon and his seeds are growing well, too.  He has also brought my hanging basket back from a dry, dusty death and is really enjoying taking care of the plants!

 Alice's plant has lots of new buds!

 Last week we spent some time in the Rose Garden.

 Then it was time for stories at Linnaeus.  Alice got to check out a caterpillar close up!

 After the story time was over, they went on a scavenger hunt in the gardens.

 Do you see the (almost) frog?


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