Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Jack's Party

 Jack chose to have his birthday party at Incredible Pizza.

 He wanted a Futurama cake and I wasn't sure how to do that, but Jay came up with the idea of a pizza with anchovies and putting some Futurama Funco Pops with it, which was great, but unfortunately, I totally forgot to bring the Funco Pops.

 So it looked like a regular pizza cake, which was fine, but I was aggravated with myself.

 They had a jello eating contest...

 ...and Alice came in first!

 He loved this funny card his friends made.
 His biggest surprise was...

 ...a mini prize claw!

 Spinning the prize wheel

 The ticket grab!

 Jack gets in a trance when he plays this game!

 I didn't get a whole group shot, but I did get one of most of them at laser tag.

 Testing out the prize claw!

 This was the cake he requested at my mom and dad's.  My mom told the bakery this was what he wanted and came back and they had not written it, so she came back a second time and they still didn't do it.  Finally my dad had to wait there while they put it on.  I guess they're not familiar with middle school humor!

My sister and her family were on vacation recently and got him real Kwik E Mart stuff!

Thanks for everyone who helped up celebrate!

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