Monday, June 13, 2016

Tulsa GeoScience Center

 Today our 4H group went on a tour of the Tulsa GeoScience Center.

 They have several tables full of fossils for the kids to look at and touch.

 Jack is holding up a raptor claw.

Dinosaur poop!

 They learned about earthquakes.

 They recorded themselves dancing...

 ...and then got to see the playback of the movements they made!

 They also got to make fossils!

 Their favorite thing was probably the flourescent room, where they learned about different types of light.

 They got to mark on themselves with highlighters.

 They really got into this!

 They also learned about rocks and minerals.

 When they were finished, they got to dig for fossils and minerals.

 They also got to bring home different rocks.

 Jack's box of goodies!

 Eek!  Megalodon jaws!

This was a great field trip!  Both of the guides were very enthusiastic and really kept the kids interested.  I highly recommend it!

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