Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Alice's Party

 Last year, both kids had their birthday parties at home, but this year that definitely wasn't an option.  Alice had hers at Bentley Park.

 She wanted a jungle theme and we had a lot of people coming, so we did two cakes.

 It's a big park and splash pad, so the only real pictures I got were when people sat down to eat.

 A big thanks to the Bixby Domino's manager for getting all the pizzas there on time and assuring me the rain would hold off until after the party.  Ha!

 I think one of Alice's favorite things was poking holes in the table cloth!
 Present time!

 She got a lot of craft kits and supplies--her friends know her well!

She didn't even wait until we got home to start!

Thanks to all our friends who came out and helped up celebrate!

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