Friday, March 3, 2017

Share the Fun 2017

 Much of January and February was taken up with Share the Fun, the county 4H talent show.  Jack did a comedy routine with his friend.

 He was also a camper in the large group skit.

 Alice was a tombstone!  (These are all shots from the onstage rehearsal night.)

 A group shot of the big kids before showtime

 This isn't a great shot, but that's Alice in the hat leading the Cloverbud parade.

 Their skit had to do with 4H campers telling different stories around the campfire that went along with the 4 Hs--head, heart, hands, and health.

 They didn't win, but they did a great job!

 The boys didn't win with their small group act, either, but they got lots of laughs and people really seemed to enjoy it!

I'm so proud of them for getting up there and doing such a great job!

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