Sunday, March 5, 2017

Science Museum Sleepover

 A couple of weeks ago we did another sleepover at the science museum.  It wasn't the 4H one we did last year, because that one fell on the same night as Share the Fun.

 They opened CurioCity up at the beginning for everyone.

 Then it was time to head to the auditorium.  See all those empty seats?  We found that going to one of the public sleepovers is much more low key than the group ones.  It was nice!

There was a Science Live show.
 And then it was time to set up the mystery we were going to be solving!

 There were different stations to learn about things like blood typing...

 ...and DNA...

 ...and fingerprinting.

 They also got to interview the different suspects.

 At the end of the evening we all met back in the theater and they revealed the identity of the thief.  We had the right suspect!

We slept in the same area we did the year before. It was nice and quiet!

We had a great time!

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