Sunday, April 29, 2018

Fashion Revue

Most of our last six weeks or so has been taken up with sewing for the Fashion Revue!
Now that Jack is 13, he's in a different level so he has to make some more difficult things.
This is Alice's first year to sew as an actual 4Her!
She worked hard on this top!
There was a good amount of playing going on, too.
I'm not sure these two should be allowed to go to the same college.  Ha!
Just rolling through the field in the dark...
Starbucks is now a sewing tradition!
We also worked on a few items at home!

The kids also put in a lot of work on the day of the Fashion Revue helping get everything set up.
It takes a lot of people a long time to get it ready!
A few of the participants posing with the decorations.
These are all the kids from our club who participated!
I was back and forth between the kids' judging tables so I didn't get a picture of Alice's tote bag that night, but it looked so good!  It's lined and even has a pocket with velcro inside!
Alice was a little nervous before the judging started.
She did a great job, though!
First place for her top!
She also made a dog costume.
The model!  She got first place for it!  Out of nine categories, she won first in two of them, which is pretty great considering how many kids were in her division!
This was Jack's third year, so he knew what to do.
First place for his pajama top and bottoms!
He also got first place for his bag he made in a sewing class!
Showing off his dog costume
His model--and he got first, too!
Jack's friend won champion for their level and he won reserve champion!  They worked so hard!
Time for the fashion show!

All of the level champions!
We finished up the night with pizza!  We arrived pretty much at closing time and they were nice enough to stay open for us!

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