Monday, April 30, 2018

Pet Show

Last week we had the annual Pet & Critter Show at 4H.  The boys borrowed their cousin Tangerine's stroller so they could come and watch.
Both kids were on the planning committee and helped with the Cloverbuds show.
Seamus entered the Cutest Pet category and shockingly did not win, in spite of his baby face.  Clearly the judges had a vision problem!
He did really well being out and didn't even wear a harness.
Hobo (represented by his photograph because there was no way I was going to try to wrangle him) won second place for Best Name.
Alice entered the Look Alike category with her pet rock, Randall.
You can see why she won first place!
Neville won second place for Best Dressed.  He was very nervous about being out, but he wore his harness and did a good job!
Showing off her stuffed rabbit, Buttercup.

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