Sunday, April 1, 2018

Happy Easter!

 Life has been pretty crazy here lately but we got to have a nice Easter weekend.  Friday was beautiful and the kids dyed eggs outside.  (If it had been rainy I would have made them do it in the garage because egg dyeing is not going to happen in my white kitchen without a lot of stress.  This way we can all enjoy it!)

 We brought the cats out to see what they thought of the outdoors.  They weren't fans.

 This morning we got up much earlier than we normally do on Sundays so we could get to the early service.

 Looking good and out the door by 7:45!

 After church we came home and had resurrection rolls and Jack hid Hatchimal eggs for Alice to find.

We had dinner at Jay's parents' house--with an indoor egg hunt since it was in the 30s!

Happy Easter!

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