Monday, December 3, 2007

Caps for Sale

We finally finished our lapbook for Caps for Sale. This was our third lapbook and it was the simplest one we have done yet, mostly because I made it up by myself as we went along.
Here is the cover:
Open view:
On the left is a petal book of different types of hats, caps, etc. I found pictures online and glued them to address labels so Jack could stick them on. Below that is a picture of a howler money from Enchanted Learning.

In the middle there are two pictures of Jack acting out the story. He enjoyed being the monkey (the pattern is linked on Homeschool Share), but he really preferred that I wear the peddler's felt mustache. Below the pictures is a flip flap book showing how many hats we could wear at one time. (For the record, the final score was Daddy:4, Mama: 9, Jack:10, the peddler: 17.)

On the right is a place for him to put the caps from the story on himself. In the pocket are 17 little caps colored like the ones in the story.
Inside the flip flap book
The open petal book. Jack was excited to see the OU helmet.
Putting the caps on his picture. He wanted to make sure he had them arranged like the peddler's caps, so he went and got the book.
The final product. We learned that while contact paper helps keep caps from getting bent up, it also makes caps slide around the table.
Having a good time!


Melissa said...

Awesome job on the lapbook. It sure looks like the kids had lots of fun doing this book.

Elinette said...

You did a great job. I think it's perfect for the age group. Love your ideas!

Heather said...

Your lapbook looks just wonderful and it looks like your children had fun!