Monday, December 31, 2007

Jack's Museum Pictures

Last Thursday morning Jack rolled over in bed and asked if we could PLEEEEASE go see the buffalo at the museum, so guess what we did? When we were there HE wanted to be in charge of the camera, so here are some of his pictures with his commentary.

I found this snake in the tray.

This turtle was in the cage.

I like the grass next to the birds because it looks so pretty and the birds, too, of course.

I like the buffalo because it has a baby one and a rabbit and a snake by it and that's why I like it.

I like the mosquito fish because they swim in the water and because they can go on the rock.

I like the pots because they are pretty and nice and colorful. That's why I like them.

Roserocks are pretty and colorful. That's why I like them.

By Jack

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RWBGMA said...

Jack, I loved your pictures and comments!