Sunday, December 23, 2007

Our Christmas Morning

Since we go home for Christmas we usually end up doing our Christmas morning at home a couple of days early. Here is our morning!

Leaving cookies for Santa

Christmas morning (This doesn't look right without Boris here!)

Jack asked Santa for a yellow pencil this year. When he got to the fireplace, the first things he saw were these new animal families. Ever the polite child, he said, "I like these better than a yellow pencil." When we told him to look up at his stocking, though, he was pretty excited. He pointed out that Santa had brought him two pencils, but he really just needed one.
After we got the yellow pencil off the stocking he ran to the kitchen to find his other colored pencils. He then informed us he was going to ask for a red pencil for his birthday. Can you tell he likes sets of things?
Jack had a little plastic cash register that we got in a Burger King meal when he was very little. For about a month, he has been asking almost daily for me to find it, but I couldn't. Much to our surprise, the cash register turned up in his stocking!

After all the presents were opened it was time to have our Christmas breakfast. Now Jay is watching football, Jack is playing with his new train set, and I am headed for the couch to look at my new book. Merry Christmas!


Tiffany said...

Love the photos! Merry Christmas girl!

The Cloar Clan said...

Merry Christmas!