Thursday, December 20, 2007

Santa's Little Helper

Actually, he gets mad if you call him that, but Jack was quite the Christmas elf this week. Each month we visit a local retirement home and bring crafts and goodies for them. Since it's Christmas, we wanted to to make sure there was something for everyone, so Jack worked hard making 27 sparkly snowflakes. He had the best time making them and actually did a really good job handling the glue by himself.
While he worked on the snowflakes, I was frantically trying to finish 27 squash book photo albums. I used the last of the scrapbooking tape on the last book, but I finally got them done. Then it was on to the dipped pretzels and chocolate peanut gooey stuff. Jack taste-tested the pretzels, but he told me I was not to tell the residents about this. I think he thought they would be mad at him for eating their snacks.
Sunday night we got everything ready to go!
Jack had a great time handing out his gifts. Then he entertained them with some spinning and singing--mostly "Itsy Bitsy Spider," though he has informed me that his favorite Christmas song is "that crib one where Baby Jesus has to sleep in the hay."
As always, we have to stop by the park when we're done. It was a balmy 45 degrees and I didn't have a jacket, so we didn't stay too long!


RWBGMA said...

I loved the artist at work one!

The Cloar Clan said...

Love the snowflakes and squash books! You are so creative!