Monday, July 7, 2008

The Flat Knight in Philly

Sir Bluey, the Flat Knight, recently visited my friend Phylinda in Philadelphia. This is me and Phylinda at the Grand Canyon the summer after high school. So you know we look just the same now.

The flat night met Joan of Arc or Jeanne d'Arc (whichever you prefer--she's the gold one on the gold horse).
Then, he posed for a picture with Rocky by the famous steps he runs up (the art museum).

Later in the day he was inspired by Cirque du Soleil with Collin, Phylinda, and Collin's dad Jim. This was just the beginning of his Philadelphia adventure.

After that, he went up the steps to see the art museum and take in a view of the city.

He visited the Azalea garden in full bloom.
Then it was on to Lemon Hill (an old mansion in the park), where he found himself behind bars and then made an excursion through some ice

After the ice he made his way to the boat houses. There he saw the boats they use to scull the river. (The boathouses are in the pic with the river.) Then he checked out the waterworks and decided to go to China town.

After Chinatown, he stood under my umbrella and saw Independence Hall.
Then it was time for lunch at Reading Terminal Market where he tried the famous Philly breakfast food Scrapple (think more questionable sausage shaped into a loaf).

On his way across town he caught another glimpse of Independence Hall...

...and then had some tasty gelato!

The flat knight also visited Vitality, where he tried Pilates on the Cadillac and Wunda Chair.
Then he visited his friend, Penny the cat.

Thanks for hosting him, Phylinda! Next stop: California!

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Michele said...

How wonderful that Sir Bluey made it to our neck of the woods! We are about 40 minutes from Philly and have been to several of those sites! :)