Friday, July 18, 2008

We Made It!

We made it through one whole week of Dinosaur Camp! This morning Jack was up at 5:55, so I knew he was going to get tired early. When it was time to leave for class he said, "We're going again today? Did the teachers say we had to?" He has had a great time, but he's definitely not up for the every day thing yet!

Going on a dinosaur hunt

Triceratops puppets

They even got a special treat at the end of class!
After class was over we spent some more time in the museum and then headed over to the splash pad. Since we're going out of town tonight I told Jack we would just rest for a bit, and after about five minutes, this happened:
So you know he was tired!

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Anonymous said...

Jen, looks like you all been busy. sure miss you on the spot. How is everything going? Is it a little bit better since dh got home. I hope so. Hope your MIL is doing better. Mine is the same. Take care and miss you girl.