Monday, June 1, 2009


The last unit study we did this spring was on bugs. I never posted about it since we did not do a lot to take pictures of, but above is a butterfly life cycle (using different types of pasta) we made. Jack must have been paying attention, because he knew most of the answers already when we went to a class on butterflies at the zoo on Saturday.

They used old overhead pages and glued on tissue paper squares.

The result was really nice!

Later we got to go into one of the "behind the scenes" rooms and see some of the butterflies that had just come out of their cocoons.

The teacher showed the kids how to release them onto the plants.

Jack was a little unsure about the butterfly when it started walking on his arm. A few seconds more and I think he would have smashed it.

Safe at last!

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The Unsell Family said...

What fun! I love that butterfly life cycle!!