Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I'm Back!

Contrary to popular belief, I was not blogging in the hospital. Instead, I had done a post ahead of time and set it to post on Thursday since I'm all high-tech like that. Truthfully, though, I would have been posting on Thursday if I could have because I was bored out of my mind.

Thursday morning my parents came to watch Jack while we were at the hospital. Before check-in we grabbed some lunch and posed for our last family photo with just the three of us.

Around noon I checked in at the hospital and the waiting began. I was so bored it was crazy. I watched about 43 episodes of Law & Order and napped on and off.

The plan was to start the induction on Thursday and then have the baby sometime Friday morning. They started me on pitocin around 1:00 Friday morning and nothing was happening. Around 5:30, the nurses said if I wasn't making any progress, we would have to discuss some other options, which I was thinking meant a c-section. That completely freaked me out, but it turns out, they meant possibly send me home, which freaked me out even more. Thankfully, some labs came back high, so they kept me.

I got an epidural at some point Friday morning and was in a lot of pain, but nothing was happening. The doctor was finally able to break my water and eventually, Alice was born at 3:31--27.5 hours after I checked in, which was even longer than it took with Jack.

Jack was thrilled that he got a baby sister. He is still mostly thrilled with her, although I think he would be happier if she had the skills of at least a three year old.

Friday night, Jack and Jay stayed at the hospital with us. I think Jack was the only one who got any sleep.

By Sunday afternoon, we were more than ready to go home. Alice had a very fussy day, but made up for it by sleeping almost all the time yesterday. Today has been a mix, but overall, she seems to sleep a lot more than Jack did.

Tomorrow is Jack's fifth birthday, so we have some fun things planned to do as a family. I will also try to post more pictures soon, but time is limited lately!


Denise said...

Happy Birthday to Jack! You have a very beautiful family and I am very happy for you!

Anonymous said...

Hope you had a great BD today!!! RWBGMA