Saturday, February 6, 2010

Eight Months

Alice was eight months old yesterday. Blogger won't let me delete this picture and try it again, but I assure you, she's cute enough to merit a tilt of the head.

She's trying so hard to be mobile, but our floors often work against her. She made it to her knees for the first time yesterday.

She's usually pretty good-natured, especially for how little sleep she gets.

She's been trying lots of new foods, but sometimes the spoons are more fun.

We've finally reached the point where she'll play on her own.

She'd rather be with Jack, though.

The bald spot is disappearing. She's growing so fast. It doesn't seem like that long ago that I wrote this Eight Months post.

One more, just because it was too cute to leave out.

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Lauri said...

I love the close up grin where you can see the teeth! What a cutie!