Monday, February 8, 2010

I've Waited A Long Time For This

Expect to see Alice wearing this shirt a lot in the coming months. I've had to wait six years for her to wear it.

When I was pregnant with Jack, Jay was the only one who knew if we were having a boy or a girl. He went on a trip to San Diego and came back with a present for the baby. I pulled out a pair of boy jeans and was somewhat surprised that he would buy something for one sex when he knew I didn't want to know. I kept digging in the bag, though, and found this shirt.

After Jack was born, the shirt went into the storage boxes with all of the boy clothes, just in case the next baby was a girl. During the five years between the two kids, I thought of the shirt from time to time and wondered if I would ever get to put it on a baby. It's just so cute. And now I get to see it on a real baby.


Ethel said...

I think she looks mighty cute and sassy in her special shirt.

Angela said...

Wow she is much bigger than the last time I have been by here!! BUT I'm baaaack!! I need to tell your mom!