Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Notice Something Missing?

Jack lost his first tooth this morning. Sunday evening as we were driving home from choir, he told me he had a loose tooth. "The sixth one from this side!" he said. I was doubtful since he'd suspected loose teeth before, but sure enough, it was not only loose, but it was pretty wiggly. He worked it with his tongue all day yesterday, and first thing this morning, it came out, no blood, no tears, no mess.

It seems like just yesterday that tooth was brand new.

It's so tiny, it looks like it might be Alice's tooth.

He called his Nana and Papa and we went by to show Grandpa and Grandma. He told Grandpa that he was hoping the Tooth Fairy would leave him $100, but he was pretty sure that wasn't going to happen. So we know he didn't lose his brain, too.

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Rachel said...

YAY Jack! Wow, that was early! Nan just lost her first two teeth at 7. Very cool! Did he try to catch the tooth fairy? Nan set up a trap when she lost her teeth! LOL