Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I Give In

You win, Wednesdays. I will no longer attempt to do anything of importance when you come around. I will make sure we're fed and clothed, and that's it.

I should have learned two Wednesdays ago, when my eardrum burst, leaving me (still) deaf and in pain. Thanks for the reinforcement last Wednesday, when I dragged two children around town in the cold and rain looking for a generator.

And just in case I hadn't learned the lesson, you sent me copious amounts of snot from both children, insane fog, baby vomit, and keys locked in the car today when I needed to go get the oil changed. Shame on me. What was I thinking?

Now I'm going to check the calendar for next week's plans and make sure we're well prepared for whatever next Wednesday has in store.

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Rachel said...

((HUGS)) thanks for cheering me up! LOL. Just kidding. Sorry that Wednesdays such for you. I hope you have some comfort that mine sucked too involving much shopping, many last minute meetings and me realizing that the reason I felt sick at 9:30pm tonight was because I had not eating since 8:30am. Thursday HAS to be a better day for both of us!