Sunday, June 27, 2010

Shadow Puppets

As I mentioned in the post about this year's Summer Adventure Box, our museum is hosting an Egyptian exhibit this summer. In conjunction with the exhibit, they had a shadow puppet show yesterday, which Jack and I attended (sans Alice, thank goodness). The stars on our tickets were to show we are members; this allowed us to go backstage after the show.

I didn't try to take any pictures during the performance, but I got quite a few afterward. Here, Jack and Peter are trying to figure out how the puppets work.

Jack is making one of the puppets move. The puppets were painted on sheets of acetate and hinged together.

There was a screen, and behind the screen were large painted acetate sheets that could be moved around.

Jack and the mummy puppet. The main puppeteer is in the background. He was a student of my mom's when she taught second grade. Jack was excited to tell him that, but he didn't know my mom's last name.

The boys also spent quite a bit of time playing with the drums and other sound effect equipment. Jack seemed to enjoy it and he told me this morning he was going to put on a puppet show here for me!

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