Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Reading 2010

This morning Jack got his summer reading program medal. At our old library, each child set their own goal, but here, everyone who reads eight books gets a medal--and if you read twenty, you get an inflatable whale. We're still working on that.

In years past, the librarians made a huge deal when kids reached their goal. Every year Ms. Kim read off every. single. book. on his reading log and asked him about which ones he liked best. This year some teenager said, "Good job!" and handed him a medal out of a box. Kind of a bummer, but Jack says he is going to take his medal by our old library to show them when we're in town in a couple of weeks.

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Lauri said...

Keep in mind that library budgets were cut TREMENDOUSLY all over the country this year. That includes staff and programming. These are the little things people don't think of when they vote (or don't vote) on a budget referendum.