Wednesday, June 30, 2010


It's my birthday today. Please don't feel that that obligates you to leave a comment since that will send a notification to my email, and I currently have 1547 messages in my inbox. I told you I am a mess. If you would like to drop dinner off, though, please do leave a comment and I will make sure your message is addressed posthaste as I don't cook on my birthday or Mother's Day. I am thinking about seeing if I can get away with not cooking on my children's birthdays, too, but maybe that's pushing it a bit.

I have always liked my birthday. My grandmother's birthday was June 1 and there were several birthdays in between, so it was a nice bookend to the month. It's also right in the middle of the year, so it's a nice time to reflect on resolutions if I'm feeling reflective. Usually, though, I'm just thinking about how nice it's going to be to have take out instead of being in the kitchen, because I hate being hot.

This year I am going to make a birthday resolution, though. I am going to resolve to stop plucking my gray hairs. I am going to try to view them as sparkles instead. I like sparkles. Maybe I will try to cover up my sparkles, but I will not pluck them. At least I will try not to. I do like sparkles more than being bald.

So goodbye, 33, and all of your stress and and blizzards (I hate being too cold, too. I'm cranky in extremes.) and chaos. Here's to a calm, peaceful, sparkly 34!

(The picture above is me on my third birthday. You know that even though the outfit doesn't fit anymore, I still have days when I think I just might be WonderWoman, sparkles and all.)


Amber said...

Happy Birthday, my cyber-friend!!! I quit plucking my gray hairs, too! I color them. Ha! I'm not ready for sparkles. :-) I hope your day is fabulous!

Rachel said...

OH my lands, Jennifer, my friend, you never told me!!! You are a stinker!

Happy, happy birthday friend!
I am so so glad that we met and that God has blessed me with your friendship. I hope you have a wonderful happy day!!

Denise said...

Ha ha! I have made a pledge to stop plucking my gray hairs next year when I turn 40. We'll see. Once I stop plucking them there may be so many that I go right back to plucking them! I like the sparkle idea though.

Angela said...

You crack me up!