Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Egypt Box Wrap-up

We recently wrapped up our fun with our Summer Adventure Box. The last big thing was this Playmobil sphinx. Over the summer we opened several related figures and the kids have had fun with this.

Our local museum has great art classes for kids--they are two hours long and are only $5! During one class, they learned about heiroglyphics and made wall hangings. Jack loves Model Magic, so he really enjoyed this one.

He also took a class where they made their own Egyptian treasure chests.

And remember the treasure we were having so much trouble excavating? I finally gave up and poured water on it until we got it out. This little sphinx is about the size of a game mover. Probably not something we'll try again soon, but kind of fun anyway.

We had a good time learning about ancient Egypt this summer!

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