Monday, September 6, 2010

15 Months

Alice turned 15 months old yesterday. Some days she hardly looks like a baby to me anymore!

She already has her eye on my pearls. She carried my bracelet around yesterday and bawled when I put it on. Jack found her pink bracelet for her and that calmed her down a little, but the pearls caught her eye a few times through the afternoon.

She is sure that she is just as big as everyone else. She can hardly stand it if someone else is on the computer without her. (Yes, FIAR ladies, she's looking at the boards there.)

My computer time is limited now, though, because she won't stop climbing, and every time I sit down, she wants to see, too. She took a header off the bar stool last week and got a big knot on her forehead. It stopped her for about two minutes.

She is quite independent and into everything. She tried to take over Jack's chess game for him.

She's only independent if I don't go too far. If she thinks I'm too far, she comes running.

And she still likes her nose.

We love you, Alice!

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