Sunday, September 26, 2010


We've been reading Armadillo Rodeo this week (pictures to come soon!), so last night we went to a real rodeo!

It started off with the Grand Entry when all the horses and riders rode into the arena.

The first event was called Mutton Busting--that should probably be Bustin', but I don't really know. Little kids--one was just 3--were put bareback onto a sheep and then let loose. Turns out that sheep can run really fast. I don't know how these kids' moms let them do this without taking a few valium before things start.

Alice liked climbing on the fence and watching the animals. Jack said the whole thing was just okay, because he was disappointed that he didn't get to ride, too.

Next came the team roping.

Jack was concerned that the cows were hurt, but the mostly just seemed annoyed by the whole experience.

We saw a trick rider that could do a headstand on his horse!

The last event was barrel racing. It was getting too dark and the horses were too fast for me to get a good picture.

Check back soon for more pictures!

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ami said...

Very cool, Jen! :)

My sister told us about Mutton Bustin', and we watched videos on Youtube. You are right about needing the medication! :-)