Friday, June 24, 2011

Bird Watching

Ever since the big snow(s) this past winter we have had lots of visitors to our bird feeder. Jack made a bird house that attaches to the window (though we're still waiting for someone to take up residence) and we got another suction cup feeder, so we've ended up with a nice little bird watching window!

We have moved our bird guides and books here, too. Alice added the lawn chair.

Binoculars are helpful!

Sometimes we will have tons of birds at once!

It took a while for the birds to start using the window feeder, but they have warmed up to it.

One of the projects on my (continually growing) list is to make some cards up to help us learn to identify our frequent visitors.

We have quite a variety!

Jay says that I am making everyone in the house a birdwatcher. (I totally did not pose this picture. She really was sitting in front of the feeders and looking at the bird books on her own. Really.)

He might be right!

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CINDY said...

Very nice Jen. We love bird watching too. What's the name of the book Alice is holding? It's looks nice and simple.