Saturday, June 25, 2011


This week we had a different kind of bird visitor.

This one stayed in our driveway all the time, so we set out to see what it was doing.

Ta da! It didn't take us long to find this nest.

She was very protective of her eggs. These are very loud birds (check out the bottom sound clip on the Cornell site and crank up the volume for the full effect.

We also witnessed the broken wing act.

Jack put cones around the nest so no one would drive over it.

We found several other spots along the driveway that looked like nests.

We got out our trusty nature guide (this is not the first time this has come in handy!) and found out that our visitor was a killdeer!

Unfortunately, something got the eggs during the night and the mama bird is not around anymore. We are keeping an eye out for more nests, though!

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