Sunday, June 5, 2011

Happy Birthday, Alice!

She may be acting like a baby in this picture, but she's just trying to humor me. I cannot believe Alice is two years old already! (That high chair is waiting for an upcoming consignment sale. Not sleeping through the night is pretty much the only baby habit she can't give up. Well, that and hanging on to me for dear life if she thinks I'm leaving.)

She loves her brother--and his hand-me-downs. She also talks about as much as her brother, which seems funny since when Jack was this age, he was only beginning to talk.

She loves Boris. I am thankful that even at ten years old, he is patient enough to endure about 250 kisses a day without biting her once.

She loves to help out. She sets the forks on the table each night for dinner and sometimes helps me fold laundry. (She was taking a picture of her pile because she saw me doing it.)

Yesterday she pushed her sunglasses on top of her head and said, "Yike Mom!" Yes, she calls me Mom quite often now, which definitely makes her seem older.

Though she can be a little manlike, she loves dainty things like dancing--I think she got this pose from Angelina. (That would be Angelina Ballerina, not Angelina Jolie. Just in case you hadn't heard of the dancing mouse.)

She really is starting to remind me of pictures of me when I was this age. Here she is dancing in her diaper while eating a nutty buddy. Pure bliss.

Happy birthday, Alice June!


Kendra said...

Two?! No way!! Wowser, it doesn't seem like two years!! Happy Birthday to your Alice! :D

Rachel said...

Happy Birthday Alice! She reminds me of you already. I bet you will have a clone soon!