Monday, April 1, 2013

Ask Mr. Bear

 Alice recently finished up Ask Mr. Bear.

 I used some of Ami's ideas as we worked on the letter G--this is a G covered in gift wrap.  I've also been using these ABC Find It sets from 1+1+1=1, and Alice loves them.  I am really hoping she posts the I one soon since we're learning about instruments!

 Ami has been working so hard updating so many of the units at Homeschool Share (where we got most of the printables we used).  On many units you can now preview the pdf before you download it!

 Homeschool Creations also has some good things, too. After Alice finished this tracing page she asked for it back and added her name at the bottom.

 We watched Happy Birthday, Moon on DVD.

 We played "Guess the Present" over and over.

 I got this box on clearance from Discount School Supply a while back and it was perfect!

 Jack even played a few rounds!

 We practiced counting with birthday candles.

We even celebrated a birthday (my mom's)!  The kids shared this ginormous chocolate thing and Alice didn't go to sleep until so so so late that night.  Sugar+nap+time change=tired mama.

We had so much fun with this book!  I often forget to share what I'm doing with Alice because I don't need to remember it for another child like I did before, but I never did this one with Jack and even with the books we did do, so many of the printables have been updated, so be sure to check out all the great preschool units at HSS!

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Amber said...

"Ask Mr. Bear" is one of my favorite books. Looks like Alice had a great time!!