Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday Fun: Recovery

 There was nothing too crazy today.  We have been learning about weather and rainbows and we had a rainbow lunch.  We got to stay home, and I was thankful because we were out late last night--and we're hardly ever out at all at night!--and I needed a recovery day.  

 We went to the museum to see a special exhibit and the kids made their own vases when they were done.  Jack worked really hard on his!

 Alice made four--one of each kind they had--and left two for the display board.

It has also been a long week.  Sunday night Jack threw up, and when we went to the doctor Monday morning to have Alice's ear checked out (she had an ear infection), she threw up in the parking lot.  Wednesday night was extremely stormy.  The other days we have been out running errands and other things.  So I am so glad we could stay home and regroup today!

Alice learned to blow up balloons this week.

 She's also going through the Take A Picture Of Everything Phase, which Jack did at this age, too.  He made me laugh the other day when he saw her taking so many pictures and said, "Alice!  Stop!  You're going to use it all up!"  When I asked him what exactly she was going to use up, he wasn't sure.  I always leave these pictures because I think it's funny to see what they think is picture-worthy, like a picture of the messy kitchen island taken through the back of the barstool.

 Or your brother's gym class.

Or a horse from the leg of your favorite pajamas that you can still squeeze into, even though they're a size too small and your toes may bust out at any moment.

Happy Friday!

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Ami said...

I love that photo of Alice blowing up a balloon! Too cute! :)