Friday, April 5, 2013

Fun Friday: Medieval Fair

 For several years we have been going to the Medieval Fair, and every year I always say a heartfelt prayer of thanks that Jay doesn't own any medieval fair-type costumes.  Oh my.

 This year we went down the night before to play with friends and stay at a hotel.  I always make them take a picture like this before we go swimming, just like I had to do growing up.

 They love the pool but they were sad to see that there wasn't a hot tub anymore.  My kids love hot tubs, especially Alice.

 The other thing they love about going to a hotel is watching King of the Hill, or King of the Castle, as Alice calls it.  They only get to watch this if we're at a hotel and if the episodes are appropriate, which thankfully this time they were.

 This morning we made it to the Medieval Fair just about opening time.  Jack wanted to go on the swings first thing.

 This year Alice was tall enough to try them and she did it all by herself and had a great time!

 You must have Dippin' Dots.

 We watched the jousting but most of my pictures look like this because we were several rows back.

 Jack (who took this picture) stood on Alice's stroller tray to see and I had Alice on my shoulders.  Thankfully they didn't want to stay for the whole presentation.

 Confident Pirate

Jolly Pirate

When we were done we went out for lunch before heading home.

Now the kids are at a weekend-long sleepover with cousins at Grandma's house so hopefully I will get some things done around here.  So far we have gone out to eat, spent a lot of time browsing at WalMart, and watched Leo stalk crickets, so I'm off to a great start!

Happy Friday!
(More about Leo here.) 

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