Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Weekend Away

Since we were going to go to Touch a Truck, Jay took the day off Friday and we made a weekend of it.

We started off at the science museum.

About one-third of all students residing within 60 miles of Oklahoma City were also there on field trips, so we visited some exhibits in the back where it wasn't as crowded and noisy.

After it cleared out some (though I did yell at some 5th grade boys who were trying to empty the water table onto the floor), we played up front. Alice loves the water.

Both kids like the face paint. Jack always comes up with some wild look, but this was Alice's first time to really get into it.

Here she is watching another girl for ideas. She was covered by the time she was done. And it stains. Good-bye, cute shirt!

When we checked into the hotel, Jay told the kids he thought he'd rather take a nap than go swimming. The kids didn't like that idea.

We always took a picture before swimming when I was growing up.

Guess who has to do it now?

Alice had a good time learning to kick.

Swimming was the highlight of Jack's weekend! He was disappointed when we had to get out and go to dinner with friends from the base.

After Touch a Truck, we headed to the Sam. Jack showed Alice how to dig for dinosaurs.

Making an ocean together

Everyone gathered around listening to a talk about snakes--and do you notice my child in the bug glasses? This cracks me up.

We had a great time, but we were glad to get home!

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fun, fun, fun!!