Friday, May 27, 2011

The Last Day of First Grade

Today was Jack's last day of first grade. Ending the year is a little bit different as a homeschooler, because even though I'm glad to be done for the summer, it means my baby is going to be in second grade! He has grown up so much this year. He says that his favorite thing in first grade was rowing The Salamander Room. (We still haven't gotten our pet!)

When the kids got up this morning, they had some fruit. I made him his end of the year sign last night.

I had the foresight to make one for Alice, too, and she was delighted.

After that (my kids get up way too early for kids that don't have to be anywhere by a certain time), Jack spent some time reading the last book in one of his favorite series.

(This morning we also stopped by a used curriculum and book sale and he found ten of the Boxcar Children books for $2. He was very excited!)

Before we left the house, though, we stopped for our end of the year pictures. I didn't think to make Alice her own sign for this and she was distraught. We quickly remedied the situation and she carried her sign around all morning.

We stopped for breakfast at IHOP.

Later, we went to Gilcrease where we spent about an hour in the new children's room (you can't take pictures there) and then went outside to explore some of the gardens.

I am thinking we need to have an area like this in our yard. How about it, honey?

Well, maybe without the fountain. We were lucky to all leave dry.

Happy summer!


Phyllis said...

That sounds like a mighty fine last day of first grade. This is such a great idea. I just might do this as well! My kids never seem to know what grade they are in because they don't care and because we school all year around. This might be just what they need.

Sue Smith said...

Definitley a fun way to end a school year!!!