Sunday, May 29, 2011

Summer Plans

Summer is on its way! We have a lot planned for the next three months and I'm hoping that by writing these plans down (and doing it much earlier than I did last year), I will actually accomplish many of the things that need to be done. So, in no particular order, here's what's going to happen:

  1. Birthday parties: Both the kids will have birthdays in the next couple of weeks and I have nary a cake plan or a goodie bag made. I probably need to tackle this one first. We also have Father's Day, our wedding anniversary, and my birthday coming up in June.
  2. Activities for the kids: Vacation Bible School, play groups, library programs, swim lessons, science camp...We will be out and about much more than we are during the school year!
  3. Reading: I have lots of books I want to read for fun, several I want to read for school, and my wonderful friend, Rachel, coordinated a book group for us on The Ministry of Motherhood through Good Morning Girls.
  4. House stuff: I've got lots of kids' clothes to get ready for the next consignment sale and plenty still to do in the school room. And in about every other room in the house, too.
  5. Visits with friends: Amber is already on her way! A friend I haven't seen since high school will be in town soon, and we're hoping to visit friends in our old town, too.
  6. Summer Adventure Box: This year we're doing mysteries! Jack is excited, and I am, too. Now I need to get the box finished!
  7. Planning: I am hoping to get much of the school year planned and many things printed and ready to go. We may not end up using everything exactly as planned, but it is so helpful to already have the legwork done! I'm also going to a seminar in June that I hope will be really good.
I think that will keep us busy until school starts up again!

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Amber said...

I agree that we are out and about more during the summer than the school year! I can't wait to see you!! :-)