Thursday, May 26, 2011

Outside the Museum

We went to the museum this week. If the art wasn't outside, we didn't see it.

We tried out an activity backpack for the gardens. Since we had looked around so much when we did the scavenger hunt, we had seen some of the rubbing rocks before, but we didn't realize what they were for.

Alice's artwork

We also found a lot of creatures outside. This tiny frog surprised us!

Can you spot the snakes?

Just in case you couldn't, here's a close-up! We weren't sure if they were real or not, so we set up a highly scientific experiment: We tossed acorns at them until they moved. We jumped back quickly!

This couple walked by before we did the experiment and the man didn't think they were real snakes, so the boys had to go tell him the results.

It seems I've raised a little tree-hugger.

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