Friday, April 29, 2011

Rock & Roll and Rehab

Last night Jay and I went to see Bob Seger in concert. It was all great, but I especially loved We've Got Tonight, which makes me think of us (though Jay did not pick me up on a ferry).

It made me feel a bit old, though, because a) Bob Seger and I have the same dance moves and he's older than my parents and b) after picking up the kids and getting Alice back to sleep, it was 2:00, and both kids were up shortly after 7:00. That's enough to make anyone feel 74.

We went to the museum this morning so Mama could recover from the late night. Since the weather was so nice we tried out the garden scavenger hunt.

The kids were delighted to find one of the museum cats outside. At first it followed us around, but after Alice wouldn't stop trying to kiss it, it ran for the bushes.

We found the squirrel in a tree!

One of the art topics for this week's story is reflection, so we looked for pieces showing reflections. We also found one outside!

I like this bench, but I really don't think "everyday" is the correct word in this context. If I die and someone dedicates a bench to me with a grammar or diction mistake, I'm definitely haunting them. Anyway, what we learned today is that Mama is no good when she's had too little sleep and no caffeine. I read a blurb on facebook and thought they were having a jupiter jump at the yogurt place.

And they weren't. Turns out that's in a few days. Oops. Both kids found some coins on the sidewalk and there was an episode of Max and Ruby playing, though, so all was good.

Tonight we're turning in early!

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