Friday, April 15, 2011

There's a Car in the House!

The meteorologists were predicting bad storms, so I moved things around in the garage so I could finally pull my car in. Now every time I open the door, I am shocked to see a car in the house! I thought that these preparations would guarantee the storms would pass us by, but I jinxed that by washing all the downstairs windows a couple of nights ago.

While Jack was in gymnastics, the sirens started going off. They moved everyone to one of the nurseries and tried to continue on with class.

After a while, they tossed that idea and brought out bags of cookies. The kids liked that much better.

They also brought in Legos and puzzles.

Eventually, we all started to get a little squirrely and Jack put himself in a crib prison. After about half an hour we got the all clear and headed home. All was well until bedtime, when a crazy storm roared through. We didn't get in the safe room, but I had made sure it was ready.

Springtime in Oklahoma is never boring!

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Amber said...

No, it's not! Springtime in OK is something I don't miss! :-)