Thursday, May 20, 2010

Tornado Safe Place

We were anticipating some wicked weather last night, so we made sure our safe room was ready. Jack saw something once that said in an emergency you needed a flashlight, some food, and a picture of your family.

We snapped one quickly to pacify him.

My dad asked him what kind of food he thought he needed, and he said fruits and vegetables. I grabbed a box of Teddy Grahams out of the pantry and he was satisfied.

We finally all got inside because the clouds were looking pretty ominous and the weather men on TV were not a lot of help. Also, I would be really embarrassed if I were killed by a tornado just feet from a room that is built to withstand an F5. (Alice slept through it all.)

It was a little stuffy in there, but everyone fit just fine and we all survived what turned out to be a lot of rain. Happy Tornado Season!


The Smith Family said...

I don't envy you at all!
Praying for a safe tornado season for you and your family :)

Kendra said...

Oh Jen, I'm still laughing.. I don't miss tornado season, but I passed it up for Hurricane season. What were we thinking there!?! At least the hurricanes don't usually hit us we just get the wicked oppression from them. Ironically, we just "relearned" about tornadoes thanks to Three Names..

Angela said...

I totally envy a safe room! A tornado hit our neighborhood a few weeks ago and well it was seriously scary. I have lived here forever and taken shelter many times but it sounded as if a freight train was outside our bedroom wall! Unfortunately a small toy stopped the bath water from completely emptying the night before so both the boys and their comforter got really wet when I threw them in there!! Had to laugh though! Now I totally want a safe room!