Monday, May 24, 2010

It's That Time of Year

There are a million things going on, and two kiddos right in the middle of it all--literally. This is a very busy time of year for us, and sometimes it's hard to get it all done. I've started staying up later at night and I'm always thinking about my to-do list.

It turns out that having your children five days apart (well, not exactly five days apart, but you know what I mean) is not so convenient. There is double the work to be done and I need to set up my sewing machine and I am terrified of my sewing machine. I need to pick a non-birthday day during the year and celebrate that our parties are done, I think.

Jay's uncle is building the kids a swingset/playhouse combo in the back yard. Jack is pretty excited about this, and I am, too. We had gotten spoiled with out old house backing up to a park, and now we will be even more spoiled. Swinging in your pjs! WooHoo!

And then there's the Summer Adventure Box, which Jack asks about roughly twelve times a day. I need to get it done, since as he's pointed out, we are on summer break now.

If I survive the next two weeks, there should be some good posts. In the mean time, I'll do the best I can!


Kendra said...

Oh Jen, your banners are cute! We picked up a game today and inside was an advert for a game called Mummy Rummy and yes it's Egyptian Mummies so I thought I'd tell you incase you were still looking for Egyptian goodies. I

The Smith Family said...

I hear you about birthdays being so close together. My kids are 1 day a part (with a 2 year span). It sure does make birthdays interesting!
Love the banners...did you make them?

Amber said...

I love the banners! They are too cute!