Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Busy Baby

Alice has always been a busy baby. The last several months of my pregnancy it felt like I was housing an acrobat. When I checked into the hospital to be induced, the nurses commented on how active she was. One even said, "Oh, wow! Your baby doesn't sleep at all, does he?" No. And not much has changed since then--though now we know that he is actually a she. Alice is busy all. the. time.

These pie crusts were a hit for days. I didn't mean for them to become toys, but she got them out while I was putting away the groceries and had a blast with them.

Magnets are always good while I'm cooking dinner.

Poor Brother has to watch out for her. He's taken to keeping his door shut when she's upstairs and I can't say I blame him. She is dying to get her hands on his He-Man toys.

And then there are the bibs...

Always with the bibs!

Unless she's in the drawer...

And that, my friends, is why it's hard to get anything done around here!

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