Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Touch a Truck 2010

We couldn't miss Touch a Truck! We have gone every year since Jack was 1, so we decided to make a little trip of it this year.

We hadn't seen Ms. Susan since we moved, so Jack was very excited.

We got to see Ms. Kim again, too.

We were there early enough to see the helicopter land.

And the line wasn't very long, either!

We visit the mail truck every year. They are still trying hard to get rid of the same handouts that they've had for five years. Someone really over-ordered those things.

The trolley was a hit with Alice. She wasn't sure about the horns on the big trucks, though.

Jack always likes the campers.

For only the second time, he smiled on the bus. I guess he is finally convinced we aren't going to make him go away to school.

Why would we drive two hours with a baby and get a hotel and get up and out early on a chilly Saturday morning?

Simply put, it's because these librarians are the best. Do your librarians know all the kids' names? Do they know what they like to read? Do they help them find their favorite books on the discard shelf so they can get a copy for fifty cents? Do they shave their heads for kids' cancer research? Ha. We win. Too bad we're two hours away now, though.

Seriously, Ms. Kim and Ms. Susan are amazing. When we were in town a while ago for the Medieval Fair, we stopped by the library so Alice would have a place to crawl and play for a bit before we left town. Ms. Kim spent an hour with Jack talking books and animals and everything else. He even got his own private storytime.

Well, he had to share with Alice.

I hope you have a wonderful library where you live, though I can just about guarantee you it isn't as good as this one. We're still on the hunt for one that halfway measures up here!

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