Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Weekend Getaway

Last Friday the kids and I hit the road for a quick trip to Norman. Jack did his best to keep Alice entertained in the car.

Our first stop was the museum. This picture is much more adorable turned the other way, but it's still cute this way. And it's 11:30--very late for me--so please just turn your head.

A museum trip is not complete unless you have your picture taken with Bob.

And, of course, you have to take a ride in the canoe.

Next it was on to the hotel. Alice didn't want me to put her down the entire time we were there, so it was hard to get a good picture of her cute new swimsuit.

Jack loved floating around the pool.

Alice enjoyed the pool much more than she did last time.

Later we met friends at the park for dinner. Alice got to swing in a real swing for the first time. Last summer, Jack was dying to put her in one of these and push her. He couldn't understand why we couldn't do it when he promised he'd push her slow.

This year, though, he was more interested in the dogs we saw.

We also saw another familiar site.

Then it was back to the hotel. My kids have it rough, don't they? In case you can't see the picture well, Jack is in a king sized bed with a bag of Doritos watching a giant TV. How does he get by?

See the grid on the headboard? Alice had a good time trying to climb that. I was fairly sure they would never go to sleep, but a little after 10:00 (which felt like about 2:00 to me), they were both asleep and I was able to get a shower and some sleep, too.

And why were we taking this trip? That's coming in the next post!

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