Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Summer Adventure Box: Mysteries

It's that time of year again! And this year, I actually had our Summer Adventure Box ready for the first day of summer vacation. This summer's theme is mysteries. (The big mystery is why I decided to write the name in sharpie before making sure it would fit.)

This is my favorite side!

Footprints and a fingerprint. The last side is a question mark, which looks okay, but not exciting enough to merit its own picture.

Today Jack got to go get The Kidnapped King, which was the lone missing book in our A to Z Mysteries collection.

I've got several items already. I know he'll have fun with this costume, but I'm not sure he's going to want to share it with Alice, who will definitely want to use it, too.

We also got a couple of games!

This (mysteriously sideways) science kit should be fun, too! We also have some math mystery puzzles we'll do from time to time for a little review. He really enjoys these!

We'll throw in a history mystery with this book, which is very interesting.

I requested this from the library for me to read--in addition to finishing up the Scumble River series.

A little something for Alice, too!

Jack loves a good mystery, so I think we'll have a good time with this one! What fun things do you have planned for the summer?


Amber said...

I love adventure boxes, but never get around to doing them. Can I just pay you to do one for me? ha! It looks great, Jen!!

Tracey said...

Looks like a lot of mysterious fun!