Thursday, April 11, 2013


 It's been a while since we wrapped up Angelo, but I wanted to share a few things--mostly so I'll remember them when Alice gets to this book!

 We talked about the Sistine Chapel and how it had been cleaned and restored.

 We had seen an example of a ceiling that was cleaned when we visited the Marland Mansion last fall.  The dark spot in the circle is what the ceiling looked like before they cleaned it!

 This is a neat book that has a pigeon flying through Rome and passing by lots of famous buildings--and was a good go-along since Jack is learning about Roman history.

 We checked Hear Say Italian out from our library and had a good time listening to it on the way to our pigeon field trip.

 We read these books, too.  Peter and the Pigeons is good for younger kids.  Grandmother's Pigeon was okay, but strange.

 On our field trip we learned about the movie Valiant, so we watched that, too!

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